Showapp’s story

Showapp story begins with working many years in fashion and luxury sector. It comes from the verb “to show up” basically.

The appearance and the creation of awareness established Showapp. 
The desire to introduce Turkish designers in international markets, triggered us to build up our own business in this direction.
Now we represent many Turkish and international fashion designer brands in local and international markets. We are responsible of their sales and marketing with a special focus on Middle East , Russia and CIS markets. 
We will be all around the world doing pop up showrooms during the fashion weeks and buying seasons. 
We are based in Istanbul ; The city of culture, history, inspiration, energy where all meets with a perfect harmony.

We can also travel whenever you need international and local buying consultancy for your brands or stores in order to meet the right products with the right customers.
Those who want to reach us will be able to catch up our news through our web site or through our social media channels.

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